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Real Player Connection Issues

Recently Real Player updated their software to version 14, which unfortunately has compatibility problems with our version of Real Server. If you are having playback problems, uninstall your version of Real Player and install Real Player SP. Contact CMS for help with versions for other platforms.

If your video plays, but the speed is slow or the video stutters, check your connection settings. Right-click on the video window and select Play in Realplayer. Then when it plays, select the Tools menu -> Preferences. Click on Connection, then select T-1 as the normal bandwidth. Stop the playing video and then click play. It should be connecting at the proper speed. If not, please contact our office for assistance.

The Florida Engineering Education Delivery System (FEEDS) was established by the Florida Legislature in 1982 to deliver graduate engineering education, primarily at the Masters level, to engineers throughout the State at their place of work. FEEDS, operating as a technology-based delivery system, is a product of the cooperative effort of the State University System and private sector industries located in the State of Florida. A limited number of undergraduate courses are also available.

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering also offers a variety of online resources to assist students in achieving their engineering education goals. From web-assisted instruction to interactive television with video tape delivery to web delivered graduate instruction, the college provides numerous alternatives to traditional classroom delivery methods.

Blackboard Online Courseware

Students can access course information, participate in online discussions with their professor and classmates, obtain homework assignments and self-assessment quizzes, as well as track their academic schedule and grades.

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