Distance Learning

Current recorded courses are available on the right, with classes listed by date underneath. Please allow 24 hours for new lectures to be posted (although they are generally available much sooner). Courses are archived soon after the semester ends.

We are aware of audio problems with some recordings. Thanks for your patience while we are making improvements to our distance learning systems.

Please note that we have seen problems with streaming in certain browsers. We suggest you use the Google Chrome browser for the best experience, or right click on the class you want to view and choose to save it to your computer for offline viewing. Also, please note that we plan to add lower resolution, mobile friendly videos in the future.

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering offers a variety of online resources to assist students in achieving their engineering education goals. From web-assisted instruction to interactive television to asynchronous course delivery to web delivered graduate instruction, the college provides numerous alternatives to traditional classroom delivery methods.

Distance Learning at the College

Distance Learning, involving both synchronous and asynchronous delivery of classes, has long been provided by the College of Engineering.

The College's early efforts in Distance Learning were associated with the former Florida Engineering Education Delivery System, or FEEDS, which was established by the Florida Legislature to deliver graduate engineering education across the state. While the FEEDS program is no longer in place, many still use the term "FEEDS" today to refer to Distance Learning courses and facilities.

Early Distance Learning was largely asynchronous -- lectures were recorded on video tape for later playback. Real-time remote connections were available in some cases, using dedicated circuits (expensive and slow).

Today, most of our Distance Learning is synchronous -- students interact live with the instructor from other locations across the Internet. However, we still record many classes for later review, delivering both the live classes and the recordings via the Internet.

Our Distance Learning Facilities

Currently, the College operates two "fully-functioned" Distance Learning Studio Classrooms, A305 (seats 30) and A317 (seats 60). These two recently-built rooms, which share a control room, provide full capability for synchronous and asynchronous instruction, including microphones for instructors and students, and additional displays to show remote participants as well as lesson content.

In addition, the College can provide limited Distance Learning capabilities from classroom B136. Future plans call for additional capabilities to be provided in B136, as well as expanding those capabilities to B134 and B135.

Some conference rooms at the College have video conferencing systems installed, and these can be used for small-group Distance Learning activities.

Finally, through the use of portable video conferencing systems, other rooms can be used for synchronous delivery with proper pre-arrangement.

Learning Management System (Blackboard)

Students can access course information, participate in online discussions with their professor and classmates, obtain homework assignments and self-assessment quizzes, as well as track their academic schedule and grades, for most courses at the College, via the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Instructor Resources